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Our Upgrades

Welcome to our upgrades section. This is where you can add a few additional amenities to your packages that are not part of our standard adventures. It's also here, you can open the

pathways to the pleasures of nature and decadence into your Adventures story. Each upgrade brings a new element of adventure, comfort, or pleasure to the pages of your memory journal. These can be lavish accommodations, extended journeys into the back country of New York, the addition of equipment which you keep at the completion of your Adventure/s.  We craft and create your Adventures story to each guest preferences and desires, for the memories you can reflect on over and over again.

Monogrammed Waders System

One of our favorite upgrades for our adventures is our monogramed Simms fishing waders and boots System which is yours to keep and take home to use on many more of your salmon fishing adventures. This is a full Simms system of waders, boots, and jacket. These are the guide model products, so be assured this is the best in the fishing industry. They are monogrammed with your name, date of your adventure and our logo. Less things to pack! Call for pricing. 

Monogrammed Cigar Humidor
and Cigar Pairings

My personal favorite of all our upgrades is a monogrammed cigar humidor with paired cigars for each day of your trip. This also comes with a cutter and personalized lighter. Enjoy a smooth smoke on the bank or boat while you take in all of your experience. Have this with a nice scotch, Bourbon or whisky pairing at the end of the day! This option comes with 1 cigar for each day. You can send us a list of your favorites or allow us to pick your path for you. Call for pricing.

Please note not all requests may be available.

Redington fly Combos, Lamiglas 
Combo with monogrammed fly box

Another great upgrade is our descaled Redington or Lamiglas rod and reel combo, monogrammed and personalized fly box filled with our top fly choices. These will be available to use during your trip with us or keep safe and sound in packaging for shipment home with you. You are welcome to use our rod and reel combos which are the same equipment during your Upstate New York  fishing adventure with us.

Call for pricing

Unique Area
Hiking and Camping Trips

Let us take you deep into the New York back country to some of the most pristine outdoor sites one can take part in. A wonderous experience where the day is spent traveling up the vast Adirondack mountains and rivers to our destination. We then pitch an exquisite camp for you to enjoy your day and evening sightseeing, taking photography, or fishing.

Sit back and enjoy great food and an amazing

landscape only the Adirondacks can provide.

This trip is awesome for photography and deep fishing exploration. This is a two-day excursion. Please keep that in mind when considering this adventure path.

Call for pricing.

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