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Planning your New York Salmon Fishing
and Charter Adventures with Us 

           Step two: This is our refinement period. This is where we contact you several times as well as you contacting us as much as you desire! Please ask as many questions or any raised concerns you may have and need answered to put your mind at ease. This is where you are crafting your Adventures Log.  This is how we leave no stream left undiscovered or stone unturned. It's your story! Tell it your way! We will send you a map folder with many handouts and information as well as your Adventures Journal pictured to the right. You will use this to craft your adventure and make as many modifications and changes as you pour over the vast amount of information and adventure opportunities we have shared with you or have found on your own. This book will also become part of your New York adventure and experience with and is yours to keep. 

          Step Three: At this step, we have a final Adventure planning and consultation this is done shortly before your arrival. This is where we confirm all of your plans and destinations, as well as side adventures and package additions. We will make sure that we have covered every question and concern as well as packing of your personal items and itineraries. During step three we go over every detail and ensure that all of your needs are meet and secured. We want you to remember that we encourage you to be spontaneous during your time with us so if you find a path that's not part of your Adventure Log's journey, we will just add another page; meaning we, at Lake Ontario's Salmon Charters & Steelhead Expeditions, we will make every effort to make your wish come true on your adventure with us. Rest assured this Journey will be a tail that is told for generations within your own family history  

It's Your Story, Tell IT Your Way!

          We at Lake Ontario Salmon, Steelhead Charters & Expeditions fully understand the anxiety and pressures that are associated with traveling long distances for extended periods of time. We know, we've done this for a living for 22 years! That very reason is why you should be with us. You will have every detail of you travel worked out for you.  We offer a comprehensive booking service that will guide you through each and every step you need to arrive in the great expanse of

Upstate New York and truly relax and experience all of its breath taken splendor and habitats. Not to mention the world's best salmon, steelhead and trout fishing.


                         We have a three step process to planning your dream outdoor Salmon fishing and adventure tour.  

          Step one: Upon having your initial consultationwe will ask you questions revolving around what you really would like to do during your adventure. What is the major take away as to what you have been dreaming about during your experience or what you may have already researched? This is where we will create your Adventures Log. During this step we want to get to know who you are and what your tastes, dietary needs and expectations you have for your adventure with us. From what type of fish you really want to catch,  preferred snacks, and drinks you like, to equipment you like to use while fishing.  What type of  accommodations you enjoy? These are just some examples. We then start to give you options and thoughts of what we feel will fit your desired outdoor experience during your trip. Pick from side adventures, rivers and sites options we think would fit your vision of your New York outdoor trip. We then give you or can send via mail, our Adventures Log book and explorers packet. This outlines the many various options we can provide from food, sites, fishing destinations, maps, and packages. you can then craft your Adventures Log book to your liking adding and subtracting destinations, adventures, and sites. From there, we have a very good idea for an outline to start from.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing
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