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          At Lake Ontario's Salmon & Steelhead Charters and Expeditions, we have one simple rule, " It's your story, tell it your way!" We take great pride tailoring our guest's charters, and fly fishing expeditions for their unique Upstate New York experience. Each day is carefully thought out by me, Captain Clifford and my wife, to make sure each detail is planned for you, our friends who join us on one of our exciting New York Salmon and Steelhead fishing expeditions. 

          We take great care in the preliminary planning before you arrive to one of our grand New York adventures. Pick a plan to have a full day of an all-inclusive King salmon fishing charter with food and drinks or perhaps an evening of fly fishing on the many natural trout creeks which surrounds the Tug Hill Plateau. After dinner, enjoy activities such as stargazing, cornhole playing, archery, or just relaxing with a glass of wine by the fire. The sky is the limit with us at Lake Ontario's premier Salmon & Steelhead Charters and Expeditions.

           What else sets us apart from other charters? Captain Clifford is a licensed New York guide #9250 and can ensure a terrific day of salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, a fly fishing excursion and/or a hiking trip at many of the unique areas found around the Salmon River area of Up State New York.  He has thirty-plus years of guiding experience around the globe.  Anna, his wife, has twenty-plus years of Art teaching and crafting to all ages.  We are completely engaged in making sure you have a great time!


Remember, There truly is "No experience or Stream Left Undiscovered" We make our world, our own adventure, our own story! Each day is another remarkable experience to uniquely make your own, and yours alone.

"It's Your Story, Tell It Your Way!"

Welcome aboard our charter boat, The Infinity, a 35-foot Luhrs Alura. This vessel is completely outfitted for enjoyable comfort any serious angler could think of for salmon fishing on the Great Lakes.  Whether you're a novice or pleasure boater, travel in style and take in the views. The Infinity has a full bathroom, kitchen, lounge area outfitted with 4k television, bluetooth enabled speaker system, air conditioning and heat. No expense was spared when we crafted the ultimate fishing machine with the best equipment and tools to fish for the chinook salmon, other salmon and trout species found in Lake Ontario. 

                                                                    "It's your Story!Tell it your way"

The Infinity

Fly Fishing Adventures

Salmon & Steelhead Expeditions takes great pride in our New York back country Salmon, Trout and Steelhead fishing adventures and experiences. We guide you to the undiscovered upstate New York country and rivers you dream of when you imagine secluded, New York salmon, steelhead and trout on your fly fishing adventure. We are the only guide and outfitter service in the Tri-State area which will outfit your multiple day adventure. You can choose from a long list of rivers and streams that we regularly fish or if you have one in mind we can tailor your trip that way. Unlike other guides, we at Salmon & Steelhead Expeditions, we do not lock you into a pre designed trip. We craft each trip to the guest's wishes and expectations creating a lasting and life changing fly fishing time. No need to be an experienced fly fishermen. We teach each and every skill you need to take away a brand new set of skills home with you after you fish with us


                                                               "It's Your Story, Write It Your Way!"

Welcome to Lake Ontario's Premier Salmon & Steelhead Charter Fishing Expeditions 

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