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Our Story 

            Clifford and Anna have been guiding anglers in New York for 28 years. Clifford began his passion working along side his father, a seasoned outdoorsman himself.

Being an avid outdoorsman his entire life, he has been to every continent fishing for salmon and steelhead as well as guiding others on their adventures. Master Captain Cliff, is a licensed, 100 Tons Coast Guard Captain and New York registered guide for fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. He's an extremely well rounded individual holding master degrees in diverse areas of study and disciplines such as fine art painting, sculpture, ceramics to name a few. His lovely wife Anna has been his rock and has helped Clifford and others build their passions.

Anna and Clifford have an uncanny knack of service for helping their guests craft their own stories, experiences and adventures in the vast wilderness of our world.

They strive to bring joy and memories to the many people they meet

and their loved ones treating them as their own.  This is achieved by providing particular  attention to each guest and showing them how to create their own journey which becomes solely their own. This then pairs an unforgettable freedom and clarity that a 

New York fishing and touring experience is meant to be.

            We hope to become part of your story and that you allow us to join you on your next adventure in the vast rich experience that is New York!


                                                                            "It's your story, write it your way!"

                                                                                    Be Free! Cliff & Anna

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