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Welcome to Lake Ontario's Premier Salmon & Steelhead
Charters and Fishing Adventures

          We at New York's Salmon & Steelhead Charters and Expeditions have created a salmon fishing experience that is absolutely unique. What makes us different from the others you ask?
           Simply put, it's our ability to allow our guests to choose their own path during their stay with us. We do this by our vast network fishing destinations and our excursion setups. Our charter boat, Infinity, is a 35 foot Luhrs Sportfisher, which is a floating fishing machine as well as a floating lodge. Our package system is simple; we carry every amenity a lodge destination has to offer everywhere we go. We tailor our packages in every detail for all of our guests. From the blue collar worker that wants a simple, comfortable, fun, and adventurous experience yet affordable to any budget, to our CEO packages that comes packed with every amenity you can imagine.  plus, your very our monogramed fishing and wading equipment that is yours to take home with you, in addition you can add our Cigar package with gives you our cigars each day specifically picked to pair with your favorite liquors and wines you prefer.  Which comes with monogramed humidors and lighters also yours to take home. Each additional add on is priced for our guests experience. 

           Our river fishing ventures
 via our Hyde drift boat is a fishing experience like no other.  We have every amenity that you can ask for from camp set ups and full food and drink package as well as all of your gear and fishing equipment. You need only your waders and rain gear for these packages. Join us for a fly fishing or spin fishing experience for salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York, or any other of the many famous New York tributaries. We fish most of the rivers and streams you can think of and some you never have!
         Not only do we craft your experience, but we personalize your fishing and tour adventure experiencing the full girth of what New York Salmon and Steelhead fishing has to offer.  Our amazing charter boat, drift boat, and tour service will be unique each and every day creating great fishing memories.  That is our sole mission! 
        We ensure that each guest is accommodated with the top equipment the industry offers for New York Salmon charters, river fishing, remote camping, hiking and rafting adventures. 
                                            Remember, No Water or Stream Left Undiscovered

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Best decision we ever made!

Me and my wife decided to join Cliff and New York's Salmon and Steelhead Charters and it was the most amazing time of our lives. We were able to go where we liked and experience it our way. What a wonderful experience, we would go again in a second.

Walt and Nancy Bell 

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Choose Your Adventure It's Your Story!


Clifford and Anna have worked and guided guests in New York, Alaska and across the world for 17 years, into the deepest remote backcountry of Alaska and fastest reaches of New York's State and National forests. As the only outfitter that offers an exclusive guided Salmon and Steelhead fishing and roadside tour of New York's most famous tourist destinations, Lake Onterio, rivers and remote streams. We offer the ultimate in personalized Salmon Charters, van tours and backcountry trips New York has to offer. Our 35 foot Lures Charter boat and our 2019 Ford Transit to allow our guest the ultimate New York Fishing charter and tours exclusively guided personally by my self Captain Clifford Smith. Each unique adventure can be crafted on an individual or group basis for every level of luxury or ruggedness.  We also offer our remote Guided fly fishing, Hikes trips which are detailed to the finest comfort levels offered in a remote camp atmosphere. We supply our guest with the finest fishing equipment the industry offers, as well as every comfort each guest requests. Come join us for your next Adventure!

 It’s Your Story!

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